Smart Investment

By reducing monthly utility bills and locking energy costs in at a low rate, solar systems reliably pay for themselves again and again. Return on investment varies depending on your cost of electricity and system size but can be as high as 20% over the system lifetime.

Tax Free Investment

Unlike traditional forms of investment where you pay tax an on the money you earn, you do not pay tax on the money you save each month by having a solar system. In addition, purchasing a system enables you to take a federal tax credit equal to 30% of the system cost and accelerate the depreciation on the equipment up to 100% in the first year (if installed in 2011). These benefits plus the opportunity to lock in energy rates at a lower rate make solar an excellent business decision.

Rebates & Incentives

In addition to energy savings and tax benefits, local and state incentives make solar a smart investment now. Depending on geographic location and eligibility requirements, incentives can reduce the cost of going solar by 35-95%. Incentive programs can change regularly – contact Luminalt for current program information.