Luminalt Friends and Family Referral Program

Be a part of the Solar Movement! Send your friends and family to the Bay Area’s best solar company. You’ll be rewarded with good karma and a $250 check for anyone* you refer who installs Luminalt solar.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer?

How will Luminalt know I referred someone?
Ask your friends to mention your name when they contact us. Luminalt can only offer one $250 referral fee per client. Occasionally, multiple people will tell us that they referred the same person. In that case, we will ask the new client how to proceed – we are happy to split the referral amount between several people.

When do I get my check? 
After PG&E interconnects their Luminalt system, we will call to thank you and deliver your check.

Can I donate my referral payment to a non-profit?
Yes, just let us know which organization when we call to thank you.

Can I do more?
Absolutely! We would love to have you host a solar party. You host your friends and neighbors and tell them your solar story. We provide information, prizes, and refreshments. You still get $250 for anyone* you refer who buys solar from Luminalt. Contact us to get started.

The Fine Print
* The installed system must be larger than 2kW. If the referred person participates in an Alliance, community pricing, or other discount program, or if the customer is already in our database prior to the referral, we are unable to offer the referral fee. If you hold a contractor’s license in the state of California, Luminalt is prohibited under state law and the Business and Professions Code (§7157D) from furnishing you with a referral payment. Under that same code, we are unable to pay someone to buy a solar from us, so you cannot refer yourself. Anyone who receives more than two payments (or greater than $600) per year will receive a 1099 from Luminalt due to our reporting obligations.