Solar: Your Best Investment

Over the past 10 years, PG&E electricity rates have increased exponentially. For those homes with bills above $100 per month, solar can protect you from expensive rate hikes in the higher rate tiers.

For an explanation of this, please take a look at our short Return on Investment video:

solar panels cost installationInvesting in solar can be one of the best financial decisions you and your family ever make. For many of our clients with large monthly electrical bills, solar has a short payback period. After the first 5 to 7 years, your system can be paid for, leaving you with free, clean energy for the next 25 to 30 years. Unlike most investments, your returns are tax free. 

Luminalt uses the highest quality materials on the market to ensure that your system will last longer, giving you and your family more years of free electricity. We use only stainless steel and aluminum fittings, UV-rated wiring, and a more labor intensive type of roof penetration that will never leak. Over the past 9 years, we’ve drilled more than 30,000 holes into our clients’ roofs – and not one has ever leaked. 

Financing That’s Right For You

Whether you are looking to own a system or go solar with no money down, Luminalt has the flexibility and experience to craft a solar system and financing package that best meet your financial and energy goals. Here are a few of our most popular financing options:

• Secured Loan

Refinance for a Lower Rate: Take advantage of record low interest rates to save on your monthly mortgage while reducing your monthly PG&E bill with clean power.
Take Out a Home Equity Loan: As home prices in the Bay Area rise again, banks and credit unions are making equity lines of credit available again. This type of loan uses your home equity to give you a low interest rate to purchase your solar system. Mortgages and equity lines of credit use your home as security, and so these secured loans typically have a lower interest rate than an unsecured loan. This type of loan allows you to deduct the interest payments in accordance with IRS rules. 

• Unsecured Loan

An unsecured loan allows you to take out a loan without tying up your home’s equity or using your home as loan collateral. Luminalt offers a 20 year unsecured loan through Provident Credit Union, one of the Bay Area’s largest and most well-respected credit unions. The current rate is 6.5% APR, making an unsecured loan an attractive competitor to a lease. At the end of the 20 year period, you own the solar system outright. Luminalt builds our solar systems to last for 30 years or more, giving you additional years of money saving electricity production.

• SunPower Lease

Luminalt is proud to offer the SunPower lease, giving homeowners the option to have a monthly lease with $0 down or a 20 year prepaid lease, with the option to purchase your system after the first 6 and a half years. With a SunPower lease, you know that the highest quality panels on the market are on your roof, and their production guarantee gives you an added peace of mind. For those concerned with aesthetics, SunPower offers a sleek all-black panel to blend into your roof.

•  Federal Tax Credit Loan

A great option for those looking to start seeing savings from year one. Purchase a solar system from Luminalt, and we’ll offer you a 0% interest loan for up to 12 months for the cost of the 30% Federal tax credit. At the end of the year, pay back the loan with 12 months’ worth of energy savings and a 30% federal tax credit toward the system cost.