Green Your Commute

Whether you own an electric vehicle (EV) or are looking to buy one, pairing your new vehicle with a home solar electric system will save money and reduce your environmental impact.

  • Replace gas with solar energy: Charge your EV with energy from your home solar system and run your car on solar. There is no better way to zero your emissions and green your commute.
  • Lower your energy bill: Installing a home solar energy system will lower your home energy bills and keep them low, even when you use the extra energy to charge your new EV.
  • Buy low, sell high: Since solar systems generate electricity during the day at peak utility rates and your new EV can charge at night during off-peak rates, you buy energy at night at low rates and sell it back to your utility during the day at high peak rates. By leveraging your solar system and EV charging station, you can save even more. 

Numerous car companies make plug-in electric vehicles, with such models as the Tesla, Mini E, Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf. In 2012, even more plug-in and hybrid versions have come to the market, including the Ford Fusion and Toyota Prius. Rather than being controlled by rising gas prices, or even rising electricity costs, pairing a plug-in electric vehicle with a solar system allows you to drive on clean energy. After your initial payback period, that’s like driving for free!

Golden Gate Electric Vehicle AssociationWe recommend getting in touch with the folks behind the Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association, a non-profit group of EV enthusiasts.You can learn more about how Luminalt can help you pair an EV with a solar electric system in this case study with Jason, a Luminalt client and EV advocate with the Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association.

solar system electric vehicle

Jason’s home in San Francisco – his solar system charges his Nissan LEAF, meaning he no longer has to fill up at the pump.