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Bobby saved over $15,000 with rebates, making solar a “no-brainer”

Intrigued by solar technology and wanting to help the environment, Bobby (San Francsico, CA) contemplated installing a system on his home for years. After his friend installed a system and Bobby saw the electric meter spinning backward, he knew it was time to do some research.

That’s when Bobby contacted Luminalt and learned about San Francisco’s GoSolarSF Program. By meeting the City’s income requirements, Bobby’s family was eligible to receive $11,000 in incentives – in addition to the state and federal incentives. In total, rebates and incentives reduced the cost from $20,000 to $3,500. For Bobby, the decision was a no-brainer.

“Choosing Luminalt was easy. Not only did they file every bit of paperwork necessary to receive the rebates, they took the amount out of the cost of the installation.” Bobby was also overwhelmed with Luminalt’s dedication to customer service and quality. “Luminalt is not a fly by night operation. Their entire team is either NABCEP certified or continuing their education to gain more knowledge and experience. From the office to the field, Luminalt offers 5 star service.”



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July 14, 2020