Crissy Field Photos: The Energy of Green Art

December 17th, 2013

At Crissy Field in San Francisco, one can see large sculpture-like wind turbines standing like monolithic sentinels against the backdrop of the San Francisco Bay.

Green Art Photos

With their sleek metal bases and fluid design of blades, the ever-present breezes that blow through the majestic Golden Gate Bridge constantly fuel the turbines, which produce 5.4Kw of power per hour. They were installed by Luminalt as a Green Energy solution to power the Crissy Field Center, an educational and environmental center that runs programs on environmental values, civic responsibility, park stewardship and leadership development, plus there is a commitment to sustainability within the organization.

With my photographer’s eye, these humming machines of the industrial age became a muse to me; a wonderful group of man-made objects that to me held magical imagery. As I saw within them the beauty and energy of works of art. I beckon you to see as well. Within these turbines, your eye can follow the intentional design of aerodynamic curves and lines and your vision can become lost in the intricacy of detail within the shape and flow. Your mind can take in the distinct differences of shadow and light as the sun and fog shed their varying degrees of illuminations on the metal. The blur of twirling gun-metal grey allows the sky to takes on a hue of silver as you watch the movement of blades and you find you can be lulled into a hypnotic dream state as you observe their constant whirling. The muse of creativity can be found in anything and everything; art is everywhere if we open our eyes and minds to see it.

As a photographer, my eye is trained to take in images and process them as art. My camera helps me fine tune what I see, and it captures profound depictions and ideas of the most commonplace objects that can often surprise me and take my breath away.

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