Solar Plus Energy Storage

Luminalt offers the Tesla Powerwall battery system as an option for your SunPower solar panel system. Paired with a Powerwall, your solar PV system will power your home day and night. 

Often we install backup load panels to do a partial home backup. Depending of your home’s electrical system, you will have a partial or whole home backup. Our sales consultants will talk with you about what is important to you and your family and craft a proposal that responds to your needs. 

Be California Resilient.

Protect your home and family from planned blackouts and grid outages when you install solar panels with energy storage backup. If the grid goes down, your Tesla Powerwall detects the outage immediately, disconnects from the grid and restores power to your home without any disruption to your service. Your solar energy system will power your home continuously when combined with a Powerwall.  If you do not have a battery system and the grid goes down, your solar PV system will not continue charging your home until power is restored.

Save Even More.

The Powerwall battery stores excess energy produced by your solar system, dispatching it on demand even when the sun isn’t shining. Tesla Powerwalls can actually help improve the payback of the solar system through a process called “Self Consumption” where the solar installation charges the battery during Off-Peak hours (when electricity is cheap), and discharges during On-Peak Hours (when electricity is expensive). This feature also allows you to use solar energy during the evening hours. Plus, because the battery is programmable, regular updates will continually improve the system’s capabilities.

Drive On Sunshine.

The full promise of clean energy is its ability to do more than power our homes. Solar can enable you to power your daily commute, too, and in essence fixes your fuel costs for years to come.

If you are planning to buy a solar system, Luminalt will work with you to design and size a system that will generate enough clean energy for your home and electric vehicle driving needs. 

After the initial payback period, solar will produce free, clean energy for years to come – the equivalent of decades of “free gas.”