Why We Care

Since our inception, Luminalt has been an outspoken advocate for policies that support the responsible and sustainable growth of rooftop solar and paired storage systems, both on the local and national levels. 

Luminalt focuses on local workforce development within the San Francisco Bay Area, and provides and supports green collar job trainings. We also hire extensively from these programs. 

Jeanine Cotter, our CEO and co-founder, is a member on the board of directors for the California Solar and Solar Association (CALSSA), a Sacramento-based advocacy group that supports solar customers, installers, and manufacturers throughout California. Luminalt employees are also members of a number of CALSSA committees, such as Codes and Standards and Policy committees, so that we can advocate for our clients and keep abreast of changes that impact the systems we build and the value they provide.

In 2007, Luminalt was part of the coalition that fostered the adoption of the GoSolarSF program in San Francisco. The GoSolarSF program was both a solar installation incentive for local buildings, as well as a workforce development program for entrants to the industry, to ensure that San Franciscans would both benefit from the solar installations and jobs those installations create. Now more than a decade later, GoSolarSF has fostered megawatts of locally installed and produced clean energy.

Luminalt has also been a vocal advocate for larger scale policy. We have worked with the offices of Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi to champion the continuation of the Investment Tax Credit, the federal tax credit for residential and commercial solar energy systems. We fight for our nation’s growing renewable energy industry, as well as the boon to our country’s environment and economic growth.

Jeanine Cotter

Become a solar advocate!

If you’d like to advocate for solar and make your voice heard at the state level, reach out to the Solar Rights Alliance.