SunPower Solutions For Your Home

With a SunPower® home solar energy system from Luminalt, you’ll enjoy clean energy produced on your own rooftop, saving you money while reducing your reliance on fossil fuel-generated electricity from the grid.

Highest Reliability

All solar equipment is not alike. There are significant differences in warranties, products, and the companies that manufacture them. SunPower solar systems are consistently rated #1 for performance and are ideal for the San Francisco Bay Area because of their power density – that is, power output per square inch of panel.

More Power. Less Space.

Simply put, SunPower panels generate more energy in less space, with an aesthetically pleasing design that requires fewer visible parts. That means a clean, elegant rooftop – with plenty of clean, reliable energy for your home.

Luminalt is an Elite SunPower dealer because we believe in the performance of SunPower products. We offer the SunPower Equinox® as a completely integrated home solar system that delivers 60% more energy than conventional panels, backed by a SunPower complete system warranty, which covers labor and equipment costs for any repairs to the solar panels and microinverters for a period of 25 years.

SunPower offers comprehensive monitoring for all of their systems, which is set-up on site to hook up to your internet connection, so that you can view and track your system’s production – whether you’re home or away.