Solar For Your Home

If you’re interested in saving money and reducing your carbon footprint, installing a solar panel system on your home is a great solution.  Here are a few of the reasons why installing solar with Luminalt is the smart choice for Bay Area homeowners:

  • Save money. With a solar system from Luminalt, you’ll see a significant reduction in your electricity bills from day one. In the event of a sudden grid outage, battery energy storage will also continue to power your home until the grid connection is restored.
  • Benefit from tax incentives. At Luminalt, we help our customers take advantage of all available tax credits, rebates and incentives. The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 provides for a 30% federal income tax credit for solar, solar paired battery energy storage systems, and standalone battery energy storage installations. 
  • Curb your carbon emissions. Producing your own solar energy offsets carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel-based power plants, improving air quality for everyone.
  • Invest in the future. Residential solar energy systems are a smart investment in your future. Once the initial cost of solar is recouped from the energy you’re producing, the sun’s energy is free, protecting you from ever increasing utility rates.
  • Support a locally owned solar business. When you work with a local solar panel installation company you’re helping generate local jobs and sustainable economic growth. We are dedicated to hiring and training local workers, many through community-based organizations. Learn more about Going Local.