The “Solar Bowl” – Super Bowl Stadium Powered by Solar Panels

February 2nd, 2014

solar panels metlife stadium

1,350 solar panels power MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey where today’s Super Bowl is being played. While you’re watching the game today, look for the panels. They ring the top of the stadium and provide cover for the fans sitting in the top seats. The panels power the LED lights that ring the stadium and more.

Sun Power Solar™ Featured on New San Francisco 49ers Stadium

The San Francisco Bay Area hosts a solar powered stadium as well. The new Levi Stadium where our own San Francisco 49ers will start playing is also powered by solar.  544 SunPower™ E20 Series solar panels cover the roof of a 9,574 suite at the stadium and there are three solar panel covered bridges for the main entrance and exit. 

Locally owned San Francisco Bay Area solar installation company Luminalt installs SunPower™ E20 Series panels on homes and businesses across the Bay Area.

For more information about Luminalt products, email or call 415-641-4000.

solar bowl metlife stadium solar energy

Image courtesy of CleanTechnica.Com.