Alex Wise of SeaChange Radio interviewed Luminalt’s CEO Jeanine Cotter, along with Erica Mackie of non-profit Grid Alternatives, in Solar Power to the People. The segment takes a look at what the two women are doing to spread the benefits of solar and the green economy to as many people as possible, combining social and environmental justice.

SeaChange Radio – Solar Power to the People 

In the piece, Jeanine Cotter talks about how the solar industry needs to focus on the people who are actually installing the solar system. Are they trained? Are they paid living wages? Are they personally invested in their work and the community? In a rapidly expanding industry, these concerns need to be addressed – Luminalt is one such company, a socially conscious business with a dedication to sustainability, the community, and social justice.

Erica Mackie, who started Grid Alternatives with the mission to spread the benefits of solar to everyone, installs solar on the roofs of low-income households. These households are able to reap the financial benefits of solar, with the effects amplified as it works to solve global climate change and provide valuable job skills training.

Both organizations are predicated on the belief that solar should not be a luxury available only to the few who can afford it – both Erica and Jeanine and work to make sure that more people can benefit from solar, whether by the monthly savings, having a stable job, or cleaner air for all.

You can learn more about Luminalt’s Commitment to Community here.