Hearty congratulations to our friend and Luminalt solar client Sophie Constantinou, whose documentary,Green Streets: Turning Trash into Cash in an American Inner-City, has been accepted to the San Francisco Green Film Festival!

The film highlights Green Streets, an organization created by local social entrepreneurs to divert trash created in low income housing to recycling and composting. Green Streets hires residents to do the sorting. Their work diverted waste from landfills by an amazing 70%, while creating jobs for community members and dramatically reducing waste costs.

Sophie explains “There aren’t a lot of organizations that offer meaningful opportunities for people to get jobs that improve their lives and communities, while also improving the environment. Green Streets does that and that’s what inspires me and why I had to get involved with them. It’s also why I co-founded Citizen Film and why I hired Luminalt to install my solar.”

We’re inspired and we’re looking forward to seeing the film. Please join us at a screening this Sunday, June 2 at 2:30 at the Superfrog Gallery, 1746 Post Street, San Francisco. To buy tickets and get more information click here. We hope to see you there!