Luminalt honored for creating opportunities

June 14th, 2013

Asian Neighborhood Design honored Luminalt at its 40th Anniversary Gala. “We honor Luminalt for partnering with AND to provide quality jobs and professional development for many of our graduates. They’re as invested in creating green, stable and permanent jobs for disadvantaged San Franciscans with barriers as we are. Together we are enriching and creating healthy, sustainable community.” said Steven Suzuki, AND’s Executive Director .

For the last 40 years, AND has dedicated itself to empowering disadvantaged individuals and communities to become self-sufficient. Luminalt is honored to have been presented with AND’s coveted Community Appreciation Award.

One of the ways AND empowers individuals is through its 14 week intensive solar and green building training program. Luminalt’s partnership with AND has allowed us to increase the number of women and people of color on our team. “Job stability, fair wages, benefits and professional development opportunities are what Luminalt provides to our hard working talented colleagues. Jobs create a sustainable path out of poverty and a healthy community.” says Jeanine Cotter, Luminalt CEO. “As a business owner, I recognize the importance of investing in people and their future. When you support people in this way, it empowers them to transform themselves, make changes in their lives, and become role models inspiring others to work hard and succeed. That can transform communities.”

Luminalt is a locally owned and operated business dedicated to improving the lives of our clients, community, environment and ourselves by designing and building high performing solar energy systems. We do not pay others to do our work. Everyone involved in Luminalt installation is a Luminalt employee specifically trained in solar, this is different than many other solar companies which hire outside companies to the design, installation or other work. Melissa McDermott, AND graduate and Luminalt employee for the last three years adds “by hiring Luminalt, you support the creation of local jobs, by financially supporting AND, inner city residents learn the skills necessary to be successful in those jobs. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.”