If you’re forward-thinking enough to be interested in solar power, you understand how everything is connected in a big way: the power we need, where it comes from, where people get it, and what that means for the environment. So when it comes to deciding which businesses you patronize, you know it’s more than just how a company interacts with you—it’s how that company interacts with its employees, your neighbors, and your community.

At Luminalt, we understand that being a good company means more than just providing a good product. It’s important to treat our employees right and build our community.

  • We create pathways into the clean jobs sector for underrepresented populations and hire from disadvantaged communities and through workforce development programs.
  • It’s common in the solar industry to use part-time, on-call workers for the installation and to hire solar consultants as independent contractors. We offer benefits, workers’ compensation protection, and full-time employment to all of our employees.
  • We pay a living wage to all of our employees.

In the solar industry, there’s so much more than just the bottom line. If we treat our employees right, we can build our communities right, and we can all help do what’s right for the planet.