2015 Solar Tax Credit Documents

February 1st, 2016

The federal government offers a 30% income tax credit to solar system owners. Luminalt is pleased to provide you with the information. The link below will take you to:

  • The tax form you or your tax adviser will need to complete and attach to your return
  • The manufacturer certificates the IRS requires you to keep with your tax records
  • Tax code information
2015 Solar Tax Forms
IRS Form and Instructions 5695 Residential Energy Tax Credit
IRS Form and Instructions 3468 – Commercial Investment Tax Credit


2015 Solar Electric Inverter Manufacturer’s Certificates
Enphase Energy


2015 Solar Electric Panel Manufacturer’s Certificates


2015 Solar Thermal Collector Manufacturer’s Certificate


Other Useful Information for You and Your Tax Preparer
Non-Residential Investment Tax Credit – Section 48 of the Internal Revenue Code
Residential Solar Tax Credit – Section 25D of the Internal Revenue Code
IRS Revenue Ruling on the Residential Solar Tax Credit


Please provide this information and your final receipt from Luminalt to your tax preparer.  If you need us to resend you your final receipt, please contact elsie@luminalt.com or call Elsie at (415) 641-4000.

Luminalt is not a tax adviser, please seek qualified tax advice.