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CleanPowerSF Begins Phase-In for Residential Customers with Solar

Across the Bay Area, local governments are establishing non-profit community choice aggregation programs (CCAs). CCAs purchase electricity and sell it to their customers through their investor owned utility (PG&E). The idea behind CCAs is that communities will have more control over the source of their electricity – for CleanPowerSF, those sources currently include wind in Solano County and solar at the Sunset Reservoir. CleanPowerSF will play a key role in San Francisco meeting its climate goals.

San Francisco launched its CCA, CleanPowerSF, last year. CleanPowerSF has been phasing in non-solar customers by supervisorial district. Solar customers in districts 5 and 8 will be phased in during the months of May, July, October and January based on their PG&E true up date. Solar customers in other districts who signed up for early enrollment in CleanPowerSF will be phased in on the same schedule.

All eleven supervisorial districts will be phased in over the next few years. You will be automatically enrolled in CleanPowerSF, unless you opt out. If you want to be enrolled before your district is scheduled to be phased in, you can sign-up for early enrollment. Learn more about CleanPowerSF by clicking through to www.cleanpowersf.org or call (415) 554-0773.

Answer these two questions to see if you will be auto enrolled in May:

  1. Do you have a solar system in Supervisor London Breed or Jeff Sheehy’s District?

       Find out what Supervisorial District you live in

     2. Does Your PG&E NEM True-Up Period End in March, April, May or            June?

      Find out when your True Up period ends:

  • Login to pge.com/MyEnergy to look at your most recent PG&E bill, or;
  • Call PG&E Customer Service at 1-800-743-5000 and ask “What’s my true-up date?”

If you answer Yes to both, you will be automatically enrolled in May, unless you opt out.

If you answer Yes to the first question, but No to the second, you will be automatically enrolled in CleanPowerSF according to the following schedule: