• The project is in a foggy area – what are my solar options?

    The same as everywhere else! While fog can slightly impact system performance, many homeowners and businesses in the foggiest parts of the Bay Area are zeroing out their electric bills each year with solar.

  • How do I know which is right for my project – solar hot water or solar electric?

    The answer can depend on a number of factors including how much electricity and hot water will be used by the building, which rate schedules are available, and eligibility for rebates and incentives. Contact us for a free quote or to review your plans.

  • How long will the solar system last?

    All Luminalt systems come with a 25 year module production warranty and are built to last 30+ years. Because there are few moving parts, solar systems generally need very little maintenance and last well beyond their warranted lifetime. Additionally, Luminalt is all too familiar with the local maritime climate and only uses aluminum and stainless steel parts to protect your system from the elements.

  • Will a solar system increase property taxes?

    No. According to Section 73 of the California Revenue and Taxation Code, installing solar will not trigger a reassessment nor will the value of the system increase the basis for your property taxes.

  • Is a solar system heavy – will I need to reinforce the roof?

    No – most property owners do not need to make any structural improvements. Solar systems have an average load of 3-4 lbs per square foot. This is less than a layer of composite roof shingles. 

  • What happens to the excess power generated by a solar system? Can it be sold back to PG&E?

    Beginning in 2011, PG&E customers will have the option of receiving payment for any excess generation sent back to the grid at the end of their True-Up year. See PG&E for details.

  • What does an average solar system cost?

    Rebates, incentives, and financing options can make going solar possible for almost every budget.

  • What if I don’t know the PG&E usage – can I still receive a proposal?

    Yes. The more information you provide, the more accurate your proposal analysis will be. However, if you have general information about the property’s electric or hot water demand and square footage, contact us and we’ll be able to estimate your usage.