Why Solar

solar panels cost installationReduce operating costs and set your business apart. With rebates for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and multifamily properties, solar not only makes a statement about your commitment to the environment and the community, it also makes a great investment. Here are a few of the many benefits to going solar.

Save Money 

By lowering utility costs, solar systems reliably pay for themselves again and again. Read More>

Smart Investment

If you are looking for a smart investment in your business, look into solar. Systems consistently generate tax-free returns competitive with traditional forms of investment and also qualify your business for a 30% federal tax credit and accelerated depreciation. Read More >

We Make It Simple

Local experts in everything from permitting to rebates and financing, Luminalt handles everything from start to finish, making solar simple. Read More >

Financing That’s Right For Your Organization

Whether you are looking to lease, loan, or buy a solar system, we can help you discover a financing solution that’s right for your organization’s financial and energy goals. Read More >

Protect Your Organization From Rising Energy Costs

Natural gas and electricity prices have risen on an average of 5-7% annually over the past 30 years and will continue to climb. Installing a solar system produces free, clean power for 25+ years and protects your organization from increasing monthly expenses.

Set Your Firm Apart

Organizations that install solar see a bump in media and market attention simply by going green. Especially in the Bay Area, an increasing number of customers and donors are paying attention to an organization’s environmental efforts. Installing solar can be a great way to demonstrate your commitment. Learn more about local organizations that have experienced increased media attention and saved money just by doing the right thing. Read More >

Make a Difference

The environmental benefits of producing our own clean power go beyond greenhouse gases. Solar systems not only lower your carbon footprint, they reduce our dependence on foreign sources of fuel, generate local jobs, and improve air quality. Supporting renewable energy is an important step toward a more sustainable and equitable energy future. Learn more about how Luminalt is working to support our local community and the environment. Read More >