Save Money

Whether you operate a business, nonprofit organization, or multifamily property, solar can save you money by lowering your monthly utility bill.

With solar electric systems, each month your solar system generates free electricity, reducing the amount you purchase from your utility. By staying connected to the grid, you can still draw power when you need it (at night or during cloudy days) and sell back excess energy to the grid for credit.

Similarly, solar hot water systems reduce the amount of energy (gas or electricity) that your facility requires by pre-heating water with the sun. You save money each month on fuel costs while still having hot water when you need it.

Multi-Family Properties

There has never been a better time to go solar, especially for multi-family properties. New rebates for solar hot water systems and high efficiency hot water heaters can bring the cost of a solar hot water system down by over 25% and generate monthly savings as high as 75%. If your San Francisco property is in need of an energy upgrade, contact us to find out if you qualify for new rebates.