san francisco solar company

  • What does an average solar system cost?

    Rebates and incentives can make going solar possible for almost every budget. Depending on available incentives and payment options, homeowners can go solar for as little as $0.

  • Can renters go solar?

    Yes – with permission from the property owner. Rebates and tax incentives can make going solar beneficial for both landlords and tenants. Contact us to find out if solar makes sense for you.

  • I want to go solar, but shouldn’t I wait for the technology to develop further?

    The sooner you go solar, the sooner you start saving. Solar technology has advanced to the point where it is reliable, efficient, and cost effective. Additionally, current rebates and incentives (which offset a large portion of the cost) are being phased out and will not be available in coming years.

  • Why do you need a home site visit – can I get an estimate over the phone or online?

    While we can give you a ballpark estimate remotely, Luminalt will need to visit your site before offering a firm quote. This is to identify all costs upfront. Before signing an agreement, be sure the solar company has visited your site to verify your quote – this can prevent costly change orders.

  • My home is in a foggy area – what are my solar options?

    The same as everywhere else! While fog can impact system performance, many homeowners in the foggiest parts of the Bay Area are still zeroing out their electric bills each year with solar.

  • How will an electric vehicle (EV) affect my solar options?

    Depending on how many miles per day you drive, an electric vehicle can increase your energy consumption by approximately 3-7 kwh/day. Pairing your EV with a home solar system is a great way to green your transportation, shave off the most expensive portion of your fuel costs by keeping you in the lowest tiers (for PG&E customers), and reduce your monthly expenses. Tell us more about your driving and energy habits and we’ll size a system that maximizes savings and greens your commute.

  • How do I know which is right for me – solar hot water or solar electric?

    The answer can depend on a number of factors including how much electricity and hot water you use and when, which rate schedule you are on, and available rebates. Contact us a free quote and bill analysis.

  • How long will the solar system last?

    All Luminalt systems come with a 25 year module production warranty and are built to last 30+ years. Because there are few moving parts, solar systems generally need very little maintenance and last well beyond their warranted lifetime. Additionally, Luminalt is all too familiar with the local maritime climate and only uses aluminum and stainless steel parts to protect your system from the elements.

  • Will a solar system increase my property taxes?

    No. According to Section 73 of the California Revenue and Taxation Code, installing solar will not trigger a reassessment nor will the value of the system increase the basis for your property taxes.

  • Is a solar system heavy – will I need to reinforce my roof?

    No– most property owners do not need to make any structural improvements. Solar systems have an average load of 3-4 lbs per square foot. This is less than a layer of composite roof shingles.

  • What happens to the excess power generated by my system? Can I sell it back to PG&E?

    Yes. Excess energy is carried over to the next month and you receive a dollar for dollar credit against future usage up to the end of your true-up cycle. Beginning in 2011, PG&E customers will also have the option of receiving payment for any excess generation sent back to the grid at the end of their true-up cycle. However, it is still important to properly size your solar system to ensure the best return on your investment. 

  • What if I don’t know my PG&E usage – can I still receive a proposal?

    Yes. The more information you provide, the more accurate your proposal analysis will be. However, if you have just moved in or are building a house, contact us and we’ll be able to estimate your usage.