Smart Investment

By reducing monthly utility bills and locking in energy costs at a low rate, solar systems reliably pay for themselves again and again. Return on investment varies, and is especially good for residents in the Bay Area, where we pay tiered electric rates. If your electric bill is greater than $100/month, you are likely an excellent candidate for solar.

Tax Free Investment

Unlike traditional forms of investment where you pay tax an on the money you earn, you do not pay tax on the money you save each month by having a solar system. In addition, purchasing a system enables you to take a federal tax credit equal to 30% of the system cost.

Rebates & Incentives

In addition to energy savings and tax benefits, local and state incentives make solar a smart investment now. Depending on your location and eligibility, incentives can reduce the cost of going solar by 35-95%. Incentive programs can change regularly – contact Luminalt for up to date information.

Invest in Your Home

Studies show that solar can increase the value and resale rate of your home. Even better, California law protects solar improvements from increasing your property taxes. If you are looking for a safe investment in your home, contact us for more information.