• Why Go Local?

Buying local is a simple and effective choice to benefit you and the local economy.

• Responsive and personal customer service.

Much of our work comes to us through referrals by Bay Area clients who trust that we will provide their friends and family with the same care and quality work.

• Accountability.

We don’t sub-contract our work. We take pride in the quality of our work, like we take pride in our community.

• We answer to our customers, not investors.

We work for you, not Wall Street. We are the alternative to Big Box solar.

• Support the creation of well-paying local jobs.

Our employees are carefully trained and committed to solar; they know exactly how to meet your specific solar needs.

• Reinvest in your community.

Up to three times more money stays in the local economy when you work with a locally owned company.

• Give back.

Luminalt enriches your local community by donating time to solar installations for non-profits, serving on non-profit boards and teaching in community-based green collar training programs.

• Engage a green collar workforce.

Luminalt is committed to workforce development and employs more graduates from San Francisco green collar training programs than any other solar installer.

• Invest in a local business that reinvests in your community.

When you support local business, you reap the benefits.

• Fewer emissions.

Our warehouse and office is located in San Francisco, meaning that our trucks go shorter distances to install on your roof.

• Support sustainability.

Luminalt is a passionate advocate for sustainability and environmental justice, particularly within the San Francisco Bay Area.

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