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Local business goes green to make a difference

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B&W Service Center

B&W Service Center

System Size: 24.4kW
Est. savings: $140,474 (25 yrs)
Est. carbon offset: 686 tons of CO2 (25 yrs)
Equivalent: 2,233,522 miles not driven 11.8 acres of trees planted (25 yrs)

Luminalt and B&W Service Center are two locally owned businesses based in San Francisco’s Mission District with a commitment to quality and customer service. B&W decided to install solar panels on their roof in order to generate clean power to benefit the environment and save money. While the garage’s electrical bills have been $900 or more per month, their new PG&E bills are about $15 per month. We chatted with Bill Mufarreh, an owner at B&W Service Center, about why he decided to install solar on his business:

Why did you decide to install solar?

“We had looked into it for a number of years. Our interest in solar began eight years ago when we switched our shop from halogen and incandescent light bulbs to fluorescent – our bills immediately dropped about $200 dollars per month! But back then, the return on investment just wasn’t worth it. Now, with all of the rebates and incentives available, our new solar system will pay for itself in less than 7 years – all of the energy it produces after that is free, clean electricity.”

Why did you choose Luminalt?

“While we had talked to other companies, Luminalt was on the level with us. They took the time to explain everything to us and there were no surprises. I would highly, highly recommend Luminalt.”

What prevented you from going solar earlier?

“Beyond the initial upfront cost, we were most worried about the paperwork. Years ago, we received a grant to recycle our own antifreeze – the paperwork and agency coordination was a nightmare. With our solar system, Luminalt took care of everything.”

About B&W Service Center

Like Luminalt, B&W Service Center is owner-operated. B&W is a trustworthy, neighborly and professional auto service center dedicated to taking care of our customers with state-of-the-art auto repair technology allowing us to identify nearly any automotive problem on all import and domestic vehicles. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality service at the lowest possible costs and getting them back on the road in less than one day. We are proud of our industry-leading 99.2% customer satisfaction rating and have spent 30 years creating life-long relationships with our customers.


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July 14, 2020