Bay Area homeowner committed to making a difference

“I was committed to the idea of solar energy. I feel it’s simply the responsible thing to do.” says Jane, Bay Area homeowner and artist.

During a major remodel of her 1956 ranch-style house in Oakland, Jane asked her general contractor to look into installing solar. The general selected Luminalt based on our excellent reputation among local building professionals. Luminalt and the builders worked seamlessly to be sure the solar system exceeded Jane’s vision for her new home.

“My experience working with the Luminalt Team was an easy and pleasant one. When I needed answers, the entire team was available at a moment’s notice.”

Jane, who works from a studio in her home, wanted a system large enough to meet the needs of a larger family and in-home business. Luminalt designed the system with these needs in mind and left Jane feeling confident and free of the anxiety over ever increasing utility fees.

“I love my new solar system. I love the idea of it, how pretty it looks, and how small my PG&E bills are. They are a quarter of what they used to be, or less. I have a responsibility to our planet, my community, and to myself to use clean renewable energy. And it assuages the guilt I feel every time I fill my tank with gas.”