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Solar for an architect studio

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Shift Design Studio – San Francisco Architects

Jane Martin, a local architect with Shift Design Studio, wanted to experience the process of going solar before recommending it to her clients. Wanting to find a contractor with a deep understanding and experience in solar, she interviewed six different contractors and even attended multiple site visits before ultimately selecting Luminalt.

solar system san francisco victorianIn addition to obvious expertise in solar, Jane was also excited to work with Luminalt “because they are knowledgeable of local grants and incentives, actively participate in local hiring programs, and are based locally.”

After Luminalt installed two solar systems on her 1865 Victorian home (one of the oldest buildings in her neighborhood), Jane would absolutely recommend solar to her friends and clients. She is very happy with her system which has exceeded her energy production estimates and is operating at a surplus.

reverse tilt racking solar

A well-respected architect and designer whose work has appeared in Dwell Magazine and The New York TimesThe San Francisco Chronicle covered Luminalt’s solar installation on Jane’s Mission District home. Because of her small roof, Luminalt installed a system on each side of her roof to capture the most sunlight – and the most savings. With a team of highly experienced solar engineers, Luminalt was able to design a reverse tilt racking on the north side of her roof.


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July 14, 2020