Energy for Synergy School

Project Type:
School solar installation

System Size: 30kW
Est. carbon offset: 860 tons of CO2 (25 yrs)
Equivalent: 2,797,485 miles not driven 14.7 acres of trees planted (25 yrs)

Energy for Synergy

After many years of thoughtful planning, Synergy School’s new rooftop solar system began harnessing power from the sun in March, 2013 to help offset the school’s electrical needs.

Luminalt installed 88 SunPower panels for a 30kW system that will offset much of Synergy’s electricity usage. During the summer, when the school is using much less electricity, the solar system will pump clean electricity into the grid and provide the school with credits at peak prices. Luminalt has helped Synergy to incorporate the solar installation into the curriculum for each grade in hands-on and engaging ways.

You can explore Synergy’s daily electricity production and consumption, along with photos of the project, in their online monitoring (click the image below).

Solar Kiosk Screenshot


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July 14, 2020