Finding cost savings with solar

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Oakland homeowner researches solar for environmental reasons and discovers cost savings

Bob is the type that simply enjoys being part of the solution. Wanting to do his part for the environment, Bob spent a good amount of time researching solar contractors. He wanted a reliable firm and ultimately chose Luminalt.

“Luminalt has an excellent reputation with homeowners and building professionals around the Bay Area and it was my understanding that they would do what it took to live up to that . . . they exceeded all my expectations.”

Once Luminalt informed him that he could take a 30% Federal Tax Credit and would receive a state rebate for installing his solar system, he was pleasantly surprised to find that this was a financially feasible investment in his home and the environment.

He had wanted to install solar for awhile and realized that now was a great time. In fact, Luminalt designed and sized a system that allowed him to install an electric hot tub and still zero out his electric bill each month! With both solar electric and solar hot water systems, Bob and his family are able to heat their own domestic hot water and water for their hot tub as well as generate all of their own electricity with a small surplus, which is reimbursed by PG&E.

“Luminalt is conscientious and competent; this shows in the quality of work they provide. The Engineering and Operations Teams are responsive to any and all questions, offering excellent help with design and rebate paperwork. The Installation Crew works quickly, cleanly and caused virtually no disruption to our lives. “


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July 14, 2020