Linea Built

LEED Platinum builder seeks a responsive and reliable contractor for custom solar projects

Compelled to produce LEED certified developments, Linea Built found solar hot water to be a cost effective way to reduce the building’s energy budget while directly benefiting the environment. With careful considerations, they found that building ‘green’ doesn’t have to cost significantly more.

“There’s no reason contractors, homeowners, architects, builders and property owners wouldn’t consider solar for their projects” says Linea Built.

Linea Built selected Luminalt to design and install the solar hot water system on the NOVE project helping it achieve LEED Platinum certification. The 12 collector solar hot water system provides over 60% of the domestic hot water and radiant heating needs for six custom homes. 

“Luminalt never takes a one-size-fits all approach to designing and installation and is a responsive and reliable contractor who worked within our cost and design constraints.”

Linea Built is committed to progressive ‘green’ building.  All of their projects reflect the simple and universal philosophy that sustainable, modern construction is necessary and must be guided by the most discriminating of ecological standards.